Lesly Oliver designs and hand crafts all her jewelry personally, drawing inspiration from the Carolina Coast and her Australian heritage. She uses sterling silver and copper with sea glass, pearls, beads and more. Lesly’s jewelry range incorporates rings, bangles, pendants, earrings, anklets and wraps with a focus on durability and beautiful designs. Her range includes wrap bracelets, beach inspired bangles, wrapped sea glass, sea pottery, gemstone focals within pendants bracelets. Hand crafted earrings and rings from sterling silver and copper. She also hand paints sea shells, charms and more to bring a spark of color to her work. Looking for something unique? Lesly also works with clients to design and create one-off and custom pieces for weddings, birthdays and for those who just want something a little different. Lesly, along with Chris Oliver of Beach Paradise Air Plants, participate in farmer’s markets, festivals and events in North and South Carolina to bring their creations to customers.

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