Chris Oliver’s passion is “all things air plants.” He creates a variety of beautiful displays from driftwood and timber and sources interesting planters and holders. Their air plant range includes a variety of loose plants. Chris sources and stocks exotic plants for air plant enthusiasts and collectors. Chris, along with Lesly Oliver of Grace Designed Jewelry, create beautiful air plant design settings for homes, offices and special occasions. They create whimsical terrarium settings (beach themed for summer), driftwood pieces and hand crafted wooden planters. They source and find fun and limited edition items to show off your air plants to their best. They take pride in making sure they only stock healthy plants so that you get to enjoy your plants for a long time and enjoy the full cycle bloom. They participate in farmer’s markets, festivals and events in North and South Carolina to bring their creations to customers. They also have an Etsy shop: Paradiseairplants

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