Oyster Festival 2019








Parking spaces are limited on the island. A FREE shuttle service will be provided from three designated lots on the mainland before you cross the bridge. The shuttles will run non-stop during festival hours. Please keep in mind that during the hours of 11:00am – 2:00pm, we experience high traffic volume onto the island. Please allow extra time as you may have to a longer wait time to get onto a shuttle.

Look for our amazing volunteer parking crew to direct you in our designated lots. Please note that parking in non-designated lots may cause your vehicle to be towed.

All bus shuttles follow the same route – they are not assigned to a specific lot. This year, a new drop off point by the festival grounds has been determined to assist in pedestrian traffic flow.

Lot Locations & Bus Route

The location of the three Parking Lots and Bus Stops:
1. Lot between Rick Street & Culpepper Rd (off Causeway)
2. Lot by Lowes Foods and Dollar Tree off Beach Drive (179) and Ocean Isle Beach Rd
3. Lot by Odell Williamson Municipal Airport

The Bus route moves from the Rick St/Culpepper Lot to the Lowes/Dollar Tree lot to the Airport Lot then back down Causeway over the Intracoastal Waterway and around the 1st Street Roundabout heading East. The shuttle will take a left on Monroe Street and then a left onto E. 2nd Street. Drop off will be by Laurinburg St.

From the festival drop off, the bus will take a left onto Halifax Street then a right onto E. 2nd Street to the roundabout where it will head up Causway stopping first at the Rick St/Culpepper lot, then to the Lowes/Dollar tree lot and finally the Airport lot before returning to the festival ground.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Due to the limited parking availability on the island, there is no designated handicap lot. A Handicap drop off is located at the intersection of Causeway Drive and 2nd Street. The Town of Ocean Isle Police Department will be at the intersection of Causeway and 2nd Street in order to keep traffic moving and allow for patrons to be safely dropped off. The NC Oyster Festival is fully navigable for people with mobility disabilities. Accessible pathways connect the vendor and entertainment areas. Please note the Arts & Craft Vendors and Food Vendors are located on a grass area of the festival grounds.

Please note the map is NOT to scale.